Well-being in Otranto: relaxation for the body and mind

Enjoy your wellness experience in Salento.
For your well-being, the Relais Valle dell’Idro offers the new Relaxing Roof, a roof garden with Jacuzzi and private bar (from May to September) and the possibility to book the following massages. Pre-booking is necessary.

Treatments & Massages

Relaxing Total Body Massage (50 mins) €60.00
This relaxing massage brings benefits to the body and mind as it loosens and relaxes blocked muscles that make the body stiff, freeing it from the feeling of tiredness and stress through deep and enveloping handling.
Berbero Massage with Argan Oil (50 mins) €65.00
The Berbero women have always used argan oil for the beauty of their bodies and hair. In fact, it is considered the most precious natural oil due to its high vitamin E content and the presence of linoleic acid and numerous antioxidants which give elasticity and luminosity to the skin.
Decontracting Massage (25 mins) €40.00
The natural heat, generated by the light manipulations of the back massage, stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and promotes the physiological recovery of the musculature, at the same time, loosening muscular contractions and tensions, even of a psychological nature.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 mins) €60.00
It is performed on the parts of the body which present imperfections due to the stagnation of liquids or fat deposits.
Legs and Abdomen Drainage Massage (35 mins) €40.00
This massage is considered one of the most effective to prevent cellulite, a problem which, in addition to being unattractive, can in some cases become painful and create circulatory problems.
Pregnancy Massage (30 mins) €40.00
This massage during pregnancy aims at relaxation through manual skills which provide relief and result in a real pampering that embraces the whole of the woman’s body.
Decontracting Back Massage (25 mins) € 30,00
Achieved by a more powerful handling it helps to alleviate muscle pains and persistent contractures, thanks to the use of pure essential natural oils which gradually warm up and melt.
Face, head and feet massage (35 mins) € 45,00
Regenerating massage with unique characteristics, based on techniques of relaxation and wellness concentrated on energy blocks of our body.
Face Massage (30 mins) € 40,00
It is a treatment that concerns face and dècolletè. It has a bracing, deeply relaxing, revitalizing, anti-age effect.
Plantar Reflexology (35 mins) € 40,00
Massage tenchique inspired by old traditional chinese medicine and based on the concept of reflexology and energy.
Salento Massage (50 mins) € 90,00
It is a massage that includes colours and scents of Salento, developed to capture body and mind in complete wellness, reached while completely immersed into beauties of Salento.
Personalized Massage (50 mins) € 60,00
An amazing and unforgettable massage which respects the body in its together uniqueness, bringing together expertly varied techniques as needed or as the guest prefers.
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.


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